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Our skilled team collaborates with you to design and construct works with the highest quality of glass, cut exactly to your specifications. Devoted to efficient turnarounds and lead time, we assure your project will be completed quickly with care.

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At CMG, we offer premier options for glass and mirror fabrication to suit your style and needs.  Clients can choose from our selection of products, including:

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CMG specializes in framing mirrors and glass. We offer a wide range of framing options to choose from, including different profiles, colors, sizes, styles and materials. We use only the highest-quality materials, and our skilled craftsmen take great care in ensuring each piece is precise. Whether you’re looking for a simple frame to accent your mirror or glass, or something more elaborate, we can help. 

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CMG is capable of glass and mirror fabrications, including drilling holes through patio table tops, boards, frames and more. Our industry-leading equipment and staff expertise ensure clean, exact cuts.

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CNC Cutting

CNC cutting is a process that uses computer-controlled machines to cut glass and mirrors with precision. This type of cutting is often used for creating intricate designs or patterns in our custom glass and mirror products.

We employ a variety of CNC cutters capable of producing exact radius corners, a particular pattern-shape cut, round mirrors, oval mirrors, elliptical mirrors, arch top mirrors and more.

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